Using a customized process and set of tools, for employee groups who are responsible for their organizations IMPACT and RESULTS. These include:

  • Individual contributors
  • Frontline managers and teams
  • Senior leadership

Organizations benefit by:

  • Having people experience the power of successfully working together to achieve breakthrough business results.
  • Transferring the skills and understanding to others of how individual performance and leadership development connects directly to long term business success.

"Renata has an extremely unique and valuable understanding of dentistry and dental practice dynamics. She can diagnose the communication and the interdependency bottlenecks that hamper productivity and repeatedly impact efficiency in teams, dental practices and organizations. Renata’s experience in dentistry allows her to know what is most effective for different business cultures, practice sizes and specialities. With this knowledge and experience, she provides a trove of valuable advice that will increase your production and efficiency while reducing your stress and headaches."

- Marshall Brickeen, CEO, Reveal Diagnostics

For individuals, STA focuses on the power, strength and capacity of the individual to achieve more:

  • Self awareness
  • Improved levels of collaboration and negotiating
  • Evolved planning and problem solving skills
  • Improved productivity through better goal setting and time management 
  • Enhanced communication skills

STA works best with:

  • Organizations, departments and teams that are doing well but understand they can get even better by committing to performance improvement and leadership development.
  • Senior Leaders who "really get" the value, advantage and leverage of developing leaders and improving performance at all levels of the organization
  • Clients who are looking to evolve their organizational culture and need to have strong more productive people throughout their entire structure

"Renata is a great teacher, helping people discover their strengths and implementing action plans. She is confident and caring, in speaking her truth with individuals and teams, creating systematic ways to success."

- Kristen Shouse, Regenerative Specialist, Zimmer Dental