Kolbe System  - The Kolbe System frees people to utilize their instinctive strengths to achieve higher productivity and performance.

  • Assessing Instinctive Strengths
  • Improving Performance
  • Managing Performance
  • Improving Hiring and Retention
  • Building Successful Teams
  • Sustaining Results

Rowers' Code System and Experience - Provides a platform for experiencing the power of people successfully working together and achieving results.

  • Uses the metaphor of rowing and the real experience of rowing as a team.
  • Uses the 7 Principles of the Rowers' Code for Leadership and Team Development 
  • Brings your business strategy to life and makes it real.
  • Activity based learning

Fascination Advantage System - Coming this Winter!

  • Fascination Advantage System focuses on how the world sees you, through the science of fascination.
  • Using your natural advantages to influence and make a positive impression
  • Data Analytics are unique and allow you to stand out.