Renata is one of those rare individuals with the ability to inspire others to reach beyond their own expectations for greatness! 

Upon meeting with Renata for the first time, I was struck by her passion and dedication for excellence.  The warm, family-like atmosphere she created within her branch was very different from any other I had experienced over the years.  She always had an open door, and was sure to make time to speak with me-even without having a set appointment beforehand.  Renata inspired me to think 'outside the box' when developing my business plan and took the time to listen to my ideas and help structure them into a productive action plan.  

In the 4 years I had the privilege of partnering with her team, her branch became the #1 in sales of my company’s products each year in the Western Region.  Her commitment to the success of her team, clients and vendor partners has proven to be an invaluable asset and unparalleled  within the industry.

- Aly de Paschalis, Territory Manager, Voco America, Inc.

Having worked with Renata for more than 5 years in several different capacities, I can say Renata has so many excellent managerial qualities that I can’t list them all. I would say, that she always shows enormous respect for all her team members, drawing out their maximum contributions and always uses her natural intelligence to further the goals of the organization.

- Dr. John Pisacane, DDS, Advanced Technology Dentis and CEREC Trainer

"Renata is a great teacher, helping people discover their strengths and implementing action plans. She is confident and caring, in speaking her truth with individuals and teams, creating systematic ways to success."

- Kristen Shouse, Regenerative Specialist, Zimmer Dental

"Renata has an extremely unique and valuable understanding of dentistry and dental practice dynamics.  She can diagnose the communication and the interdependency bottlenecks that hamper productivity and repeatedly impact efficiency in teams, dental practices and organizations. Renata's experience in dentistry allows her to know what is most effective for different business cultures,  practice sizes and specialities.  With this knowledge and experience, she provides a trove of valuable advice that will increase your production and efficiency while reducing your stress and headaches."

- Marshall Brickeen, CEO, Reveal Diagnostics

“Having worked with Renata for over 5 years, I can attest to the fact that she has tremendous leadership qualities, is very motivating, and an ‘out of the box” thinker.  Anyone who has a chance to work with her will see value in doing so.”

- Mike Jovich, Former Patterson Terrtiory Representative, Currently with Benco Dental

“I am writing this recommendation for a truly wonderful person, Renata Jabuka. I have had the pleasure of knowing Renata for over 5 years as a client and friend. She has impressed me as being highly organized and creative while always having her sights on optimizing the future. Her leadership qualities demonstrate the ability to manage and direct teams effectively and bring out the best in the people she works with.

As a client, Renata has been very influential in helping me reach goals that I thought may not have been achievable.

If you are considering having Renata work with your company, I would highly recommend her, as you will greatly benefit from her knowledge and experience. She is very dedicated and passionate about creating positive change in the people she works with.”

Scott H. Pope, DDS, FAGD, FICO